Amir Audio is Audio Distributor in Tehran , Iran.

We Demo Ultra High Performance Audio Products for the World’s Most Discerning Music Lovers.

Audio System in Large Room 60 sqm (Solid State Electronics) :

1. TAD Complete System (TAD D600/C600/M700/R1TX)/Skogrand Stravinsky Cables

2. CEC TL0 Transport/Weiss Medus DAC/Vitus SIA-030 Amplifier/Wilson Audio Alexandria X2 Loudspeaker/Skogrand Stravinsky Cables

Audio System in Small Room 25 sqm (Tube Electronics) :
1. Audio Note Complete Audio System
2. AudioPax Amplifier/Living Voice Loudspeaker

Here at Amir Audio We Demo High End Audio Devices in Optimal Condition: Good Room Acoustics by Wood Materials and Optimal RT, Ultra Pure AC Power Generated by Pure Power 3000+ Regenerator for Low Power Tube Systems, Optimal Grounding System, Optimal Loudspeaker Placement in the Room for Maximum Dynamics and Best Image.

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